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Is CrossFit Safe?

With its focus on intense interval training and varied workouts, CrossFit has soared in popularity since it was introduced almost 20 years ago. Being mindful of these factors will pave the way for a successful and invigorating CrossFit experience.

3 Ways to Prevent Injuries During CrossFit Workouts

High-intensity workouts that vary day-to-day challenge CrossFit athletes as they train against a running clock. Taking precautions can put CrossFitters in a better position to avoid strains, sprains, tears and other serious injuries.

Why Do CrossFit Injuries Occur?

Like any other exercise program, most CrossFit-related injuries occur because athletes aren’t using proper form, haven’t warmed up or they push themselves beyond safe limits.

Common CrossFit Injuries

Considering CrossFit workouts involve major joints and muscle groups and focus on high-intensity, high-rep routines, injuries can occur in just about any area of the musculoskeletal system.

Debunking 4 CrossFit Myths

For thousands of athletes around the globe, CrossFit has made a tremendous impact on their physical health and truly becomes a way of life.
For those outside the CrossFit world not familiar with its methods and goals, misconceptions about the safety and benefits of the workouts may keep them from participating.